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Evolving and Adapting to SA’s Baking Needs

July, 2022

Evolving and Adapting to SA’s Baking Needs

The food industry has a long history of responding to the changing needs and expectations of consumers. The challenges however are the complex paradoxes surrounding product expectations. Consumers demand quality, but at their perception of a reasonable price; they want to indulge, yet expect simultaneous nutrition; they have hope of a conventional product, but believe it must be achieved with a longer shelf-life.

As with other food products, baked goods have also become more intricate over the years. With the high demand for common food products, such as breads, cakes, sauces, margarines, and sweets; innovative emulsifiers and baking enhancing products have sprouted up and are abundantly available on the market.

However, the genesis of all food is in its ingredients. To produce optimal quality and freshness at a competitive price, these additives must be carefully formulated, requiring consistency, stability, structure and texture. Which is why choosing a reliable supplier is imperative. Quality begins from the ground up.

Evolving and Adapting to SA’s Baking Needs

Ingreto (Pty) Ltd is a leading ingredient solutions supplier in South Africa. The company offers a wide range of products and raw materials that are required for baking, and it also offers specialist custom blending.

With their sole distribution rights with Lasenor, an international specialist in the production, development and application of emulsifiers, Ingreto has brought a whole new dynamic to food emulsifying in South Africa.

Adding more complex products, such as innovative emulsifiers, will improve the yield, crumb, texture and colour of products, especially in cakes,  explains Sonia Kittle, Director at Ingreto.

Based in Gauteng, Ingreto specialises in sourcing, manufacturing and trading innovative ingredient solutions to the food industry.

Our clients benefit from products that are competitively priced and approved by multi-national companies,  concludes Kittle.

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