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Ingreto’s range of equine products

August, 2017

Ingreto’s range of equine products

Ingreto aims to offer natural solutions to the equine industry. Our range of equine products are formulated to offer holistic and natural blends in support of our customer’s equine partners.


Aimed at the equine industry, this product’s synergistic mix of pharmaceutical essential oils has been blended and prepared to act as a deterrent to mosquitoes, flies and midges, to mention a few. The product is water soluble and has been submitted to the Department of Agriculture under ACT 36 of 1947.


Corn Oil is a polyunsaturated oil and is high in Omega 6 essential fatty acids, which is not able to be manufactured by the human or animal body and require dietary supplementation. Corn Oil may also aid speedier resolution of stomach ulcers by increasing the local prostaglandin levels. This may increase local blood flow and facilitate healing. Corn Oil has also been shown to have positive effects on nervous, excitable and fidgety horses. Adding Corn Oil to the daily diet of horses is beneficial to their overall well-being and coat condition, as well as being an excellent energy source. StudOil is registered under ACT 36 of 1947 Reg Number V26025.